General information

EU citizens and their family members

Residence of Union Citizens

EU Citizens Can Live in Slovakia for More Than 3 Months If:

  • They are employed or self-employed in Slovakia.
  • They are enrolled in a Slovak primary, secondary, or university program.
  • They have enough personal and family financial resources to avoid relying on Slovakia's social security system, along with health insurance.
  • They are actively seeking employment (potential future employment).
  • They are family members (spouse, child, parent) of an EU citizen who meets any of the above conditions and are accompanying or joining them.

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Residence of Family Members of EU Citizens

This information explains who qualifies for residence in Slovakia based on their family ties to an EU citizen:

  • Spouses of EU citizens
  • Children under 21 of EU citizens, 
  • Dependent direct relatives in ascending or descending line 
  • Other family members who are dependents in their home country 
  • Other family members who are part of the EU citizen's household 
  • Other family members who require medical care 
  • Registered partners of EU citizens 
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What we will do for you?

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Establishment of a trade, business company

We cooperate with a renovated law firm, which will provide all the necessary documents and entries in the trade and commercial register.

Complete preparation of documents

We will process complete documentation for you, including an extract from the criminal record, translations, application for temporary residence

Accommodation, place of business

In cooperation with a real estate agency, we will provide you with a place to live and do business according to your requirements

Assistance at immigration office

We will assist you in submitting an application to the foreign police