Long-term residence for another Member State may be granted for the duration necessary to fulfill the purpose of residence, with a maximum validity of 5 years.

Who can apply?

Individuals with long-term residence in another Member State can apply for this type of residence in Slovakia if they: 

  • engage in business activities in Slovakia
  • are employed in Slovakia
  • study at a school in Slovakia
  • will potentially find job
  • are family members of applicants falling under the under the above-mentioned conditions, and did the family relationship exist prior to their application

List of documents you have to provide:

What we will do for you?

.. a complete package of services ..

Complete preparation of documents
We will process complete documentation for you, including an extract from the criminal record, translations, and an application for permanent residence.

In cooperation with a real estate agency, we will provide you with a place to live according to your requirements.

Assistance at immigration office
We will assist you in submitting an application to the foreign police.