Residence permit in Slovakia

A citizen of a country outside the EU, as well as an EU citizen and his family member, who plans to work, do business, study in the Slovak Republic, for example, can apply for temporary residence in the Slovak Republic. The application can be submitted at the representative office according to nationality or at the foreigner's police department in the Slovak Republic. The duration of the temporary stay depends on the purpose of granting the stay.

We offer consultation and assistance in applying for residence for the purpose of:
    • business - trade
    • business - manager of a trading company
    • employment
    • the study
    • family reunification
    • EU citizen registration
    • registration of a family member of an EU citizen
    • renewal of residence
    • change of type/purpose of stay
How does the residence grant process work?
  • filling out the online form
  • consultation
  • preparation of documentation
  • signing documents
  • registration to apply
  • escort by the foreign police
  • grant of residence
  • medical examination

Our services do not end with the granting of a residence permit, we provide cooperation in other activities related to a stay in the Slovak Republic, such as:

  • brokering the services of an economist / speaks Russian, English
  • registration with a health insurance company
  • registration at the tax office
  • receiving mail

Establishment of a trade, business company

We cooperate with a renovated law firm, which will provide all the necessary documents and entries in the trade and commercial register.

Complete preparation of documents

We will process complete documentation for you, including an extract from the criminal record, translations, application for temporary residence

Accommodation, place of business

In cooperation with a real estate agency, we will provide you with a place to live and do business according to your requirements

Assistance at immigration office

We will assist you in submitting an application to the foreign police

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