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A permanent residence permit allows foreign nationals to establish long-term residence in Slovakia. This permit grants them the ability to travel abroad and return to Slovakia freely. Compared to temporary residence permits, permanent residence offers greater stability and is granted for a longer period. Foreign nationals with a permanent residence permit enjoy rights and duties similar to those of Slovak citizens in most areas of life. These areas include employment, healthcare, social affairs, and participation in public life at the regional level.

Permanent residence permit in Slovakia

Long-term Residence

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Permanent Residence for 5 Years - Marriage

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Permanent Residence for an Unlimited Time Period

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What we will do for you?

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Establishment of a trade, business company

We cooperate with a renovated law firm, which will provide all the necessary documents and entries in the trade and commercial register.

Complete preparation of documents

We will process complete documentation for you, including an extract from the criminal record, translations, application for temporary residence

Accommodation, place of business

In cooperation with a real estate agency, we will provide you with a place to live and do business according to your requirements

Assistance at immigration office

We will assist you in submitting an application to the foreign police