Business activities

1. Business, organisational and economic consultants
2. Services in the area of fire protection: service, repair, control, filling of fire extinguishing equipment, fire/fire technical equipment
3. Cleaning services
4. Diagnosis of sewer pipes and cleaning of sewer systems
5. Finishing building works on the exterior and interior
6. Factoring and forfeiting
7. Financial leasing
8. Engineering activities, technical testing and analysis
9. Buying goods for the purpose of selling them to the final consumer (retail sale) or to other entrepreneurs (wholesale sale)
10. Extracurricular education activity
11. Freight road transport of vehicles with weight under 3,5 t including towed vehicle
12. Buying, selling or transporting weapons and ammunition
13. Professional preparation in the area of environmental management and audit
14. Wood material shaping, production of wood components and production of simple products from wood, cork, and straw
15. Repair of personal belongings and household goods
16. Organization of sport, cultural and other social events
17. Computer services and services related to computer based processing of data
18. Trading in the area of treatment with disposal of waste different from the dangerous waste
19. Provision of services of personal character
20. Provision of services for agriculture, gardening, fishing, forestry and hunting
21. Provision of fast food services in connection with sales for direct consumption, operation of a food dispensary
22. Provision of social services
23. Provision of loans or credits coming from financial sources acquired without public announcement and without public offer of property values
24. Provision of guarantees for guaranteeing of customs debt
25. Regular inspection of children`s playground
26. Rent of real estates and provision of other than basic rental services
27. Rent, storage and loan of movable property
28. Operation of small vessels
29. Operation of cleaning and laundry
30. Nursery school
31. Operation of cultural, social, entertainment, sports facilities and facilities for regeneration and reconditioning
32. Water rescue
33. Preparation work for building construction
34. Advertising, marketing, photography, information services, market research and public opinion
35. Storage, ancillary, and transport services in transport
36. Services related to film or video records production
37. Services related to body beauty
38. Services in the field of administrative management and services of an organizational and economic nature
39. Processing of leather, production of footwear, leather and fur products
40. Management and maintenance of housing and non-housing stock in the scope of unregulated trades
41. Management of registration records without permanent documentary value
42. Intermediation of provision of loans or credits coming from financial sources acquired without public announcement and without public offer of property values
43. Mediation services in business, services and production
44. Specialist in prevention of major industrial accidents
45. Accommodation services without provision of catering services
46. Accommodation services with provision of production and sale of meals, drinks and semi-cooked meals to accommodate guests in accommodation facilities with capacity up to 10 beds
47. Maintenance of motor vehicle without interference with a motor part
48. Modification of minerals, extraction of peat and mud and their modification
49. Realization of buildings and their changes
50. Accountancy
51. Public procurement
52. Publishing, polygraph services and book works
53. Evaluation of risks, elaboration and update of security report, crash plansand consultancy services in given area in the prevention of great industrial crashes
54. Professional preparation in the area of preventing great industrial crashes
55. Rent, loan and storage of weapons and ammunition
56. Production and metallurgical processing of metals, production and processing of simple metal products
57. Production of cellulose, paper, cardboard and products from these materials
58. Production of toys, games, jewellery, souvenirs, candles, shading technology, musical instruments, brooms, brushes and painting tools
59. Production of chemicals, chemical fibre, plastics, rubber and preparation from these materials
60. Production of coke and oil products
61. Production of feedstuff for animals
62. Production of motor vehicles, motors, transport vehicles, parts and accessories for motor vehicles and other means of transport
63. Production of other non-metal mineral products
64. Production of computer, electronic, and optic products and electrical equipment and parts
65. Production of food and starch products
66. Production of industry muck worms and nitrogen compounds, pesticides and agrochemical products
67. Production of machines and devices for general purposes
68. Production of textiles, textile products, clothing and clothing accessories
69. Production of products from dry rubber and products from plastics
70. Production of health accessories
71. Research in the field of natural, technical, social science and humanities
72. Development, production of security systems, alarm systems and systems and devices enabling the tracking motion and activity of people in protected area, in protected place or their surroundings
73. Pawnshop